The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health will be showcasing the work of local artists and honoring the history of the sex educators who came before us in a sexuality-themed exhibit entitled, A Place At the Table.

This installation is inspired by feminist artist Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party. Chicago pioneered the Feminist Art Movement in the 70’s, and she created The Dinner Party to pay tribute to influential women throughout history. The Dinner Party was originally banned as pornographic and Chicago had to fight to exhibit her work. Through emulating Chicago’s concept we hope to acknowledge the historical relevance of her contribution to eliminating sexual shame. This visual feast will celebrate The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health’s fifth birthday by honoring those in the field of sexuality who have allowed the Center to do the work it does today!

A Place At The Table will be displayed for one night only as part of our fifth anniversary celebration fundraiser, An Affair To Remember. 

Featured artists:

Abigail Wamboldt

Angie Shen

Brittanny Taylor

Caroline Michaud

Carolyn Jayne

Dani Sigler

Erin Basler-Francis

Jillian Delfino

Kendra Ashley Rowan

Matthew Handleman

Mindy Tsonas

Nicole Mazzeo

Sam Jogensen

Shannon Reynolds

William Guise